Pomperaug Outdoor Painters FAQ Sheet

Who are we?
We are an informal group of artists from Southbury and surrounding towns who enjoy sketching and painting outside.  Our sister organization is the Connecticut Plein Air Painters Society (CPAPS).

Can anyone join our outings?
Anyone can come and paint with us. We ask artists to be respectful of landowner property use restrictions and parking.  For some locations there may be limits and prior registration required.  Please leave your pets at home.

Where do we meet?
We meet at least once per month in and around Southbury.  

How many artists show up?
On average, 5-10 artists go out at a time, depending on location and weather.

Do you have to bring anything special with you?
Just your own good time and whatever supplies/equipment/snacks you need.  No equipment is provided.

Are there bathrooms?
We try to go to a spot with facilities.  Go before, and be prepared to take a break if you need it.

Is there a fee?
Generally no.  Some private preserves request a minimal donation.  (Like Audubon Bent of the River.)

What are our goals?
To help artists get out and enjoy the beauty of nature and the elements of the landscape.  We support the efforts of organizations that conserve that beauty.  We do this by introducing artists to beautiful spots, leaving no trace after a visit, and if possible, raising funds via shows and sales of artwork produced.

Do we have other indoor meetings?
Not at this time.  

Does POP have membership dues?
No.  POP is not a formal organization and does not collect dues. To join CPAPS paintouts does require a membership fee. www.cpaps.org

Do I have to live in Southbury to join?
No.  Anyone can come out and paint.  Some locations may have age restrictions and require preregistration.

Do we have plans to formalize our structure, incorporate, seek 501(c) 3 status?
No! We just like to get out and paint!

Can we paint somewhere besides Southbury?
Yes.  Please suggest your favorite spot, and we’ll work it into the schedule.

Where can I get a copy of the schedule?
Sign up to be on the email list, and check the POP blog: http://pomperaugoutdoorpainters.blogspot.com/        
or Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PomperaugOutdoorPainters

Ellie Boyd, (203) 429-4356